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“Conversations In The Matrix”
Come explore the power of healing and transformation
in the powerful field of Matrix Energetics!


Matrix Energetics (ME) and Energy Medicine Exchange (EME) are proud
to partner together for EMEX 17 on August 30th for FREE webinar.

Join ME for a full day of exciting teachings, insights, and healing experiences including multiple interviews and presentations with ME founder Dr. Richard Bartlett and author/co-teacher Melissa Joy Jonsson, and various ME practitioners around the world.
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The event will be available for viewing August 30th with recorded replay links provided after airtime.

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Live Broadcast


Join us for an exciting heart-centered journey into the playful field of Matrix Energetics to explore healing, transformation, and the realization of our inherent infinite potential.

Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy   Houston Vetter   Suzette Gore
Dr. Richard Bartlett
Founder & Co-Teacher

Melissa Joy Jonsson
Co-Teacher & Author

Conversations in the Matrix - Going Deeper Into Expansion

Living Matrix Energetics with
Dr. Richard Bartlett and
Melissa Joy Jonsson


Doc Houston (Houston Vetter)

The Adventure of Shifting, Transforming and Getting What You Want...All from the Torsion Field of the Heart.

Suzette Gore
Acupuncturist, LOM, BFRP

Weaving ME into Acupuncture
& Everyday Life

  Margarete Brandenburg   Marla Steele
Dennis Lobstein, MTCM, PhD

Dr. Dennis Lobstein shares his experience with alchemy and Matrix Energetics with reference to the True Authentic Self (TAS)
Margarete Brandenburg

Integrating Matrix Energetics Into Your Counseling and Coaching Practice

Marla Steele
Voice of the Animals

Matrix Energetics
and Animals

Daniel Hochman   Udo and Ulrike Gramlich   Ralph and Jen Havens
Daniel Hochman

Matrix Energetics -
Catalyst for Change

Udo and Ulrike Gramlich

Integrating ME in our healing practice and every day life

Ralph and Jen Havens

Dismantling of
Non-Congruence, Awakening
of Expansive Path: A
Matrixed Journey
Paul Ellison   janet Barrett   Claude Swanson
Paul Elison

Utilizing Matrix Energetics in authentic decisions, heart centered confidence and profound connecti(ng)ons

Janet Barrett

ME for healing and transformation in
every day living


Dr. Claude Swanson

Dr.Claude Swanson on his Synchronized Universe Model and how it pertains to
Healing and Transformation in Matrix Energetics

Melissa Joy Jonsson
Melissa Joy Jonsson

Your host and guide
for EMEx-17